About the RGN

ReadGeorgiaNutts.com is an open window to some of Georgia's talented and diverse artists. With our links to local talent, literature and blogs, the RGN is on a mission to get the word out to all a' y'all who are NUTTS for the arts 

The Georgia Nutts Guild wants to see the creative seed in each writer sprout and flourish through cultivation of talent, development of skill, exercise of imagination and endeavors in promotion. Using a peer oriented and social interactive group setting; our community of writers explores our love of ideas, language, uses of creative experimentation, goal setting and peer review to foster the growth of our members. We seek methods, both tested and new, for drawing together our members and their audiences of potential readers into a fulfilling relationship. It is our mission to create a space in which the growth of writers and their stories, poems and ideas, to be rooted in the deepest respect for that drive for creative expression and to be a resource for writers, who are residents of Georgia, to accomplish these ends.
Part of the operational process of the GNG is to openly discuss and set goals, both for individual members and the group. Through specialized activities and other creative methods, the GNG create and nurture an environment inclusive of and benefiting from the collected talents of the many writers, illustrators and other aspiring art professionals working in the state of Georgia, USA.
Do you love writing and want to get better at it? Starting a novel for the first time and need support? Join the GNG and come to our Georgia Nutts Writer's Guild Meetings. There are usually 2 meetings per month. Visit us on facebook and inbox us to let us know that you plan to attend.